Board of Directors 2021-2022

Glanbrook Community Services is currently overseen by 12 active and involved volunteer Board members.  The Directors of the Board have an overall fiduciary responsibility to the agency while being a voice and, ambassadors to GCS in the community.

New Board Directors are always welcome and are introduced at the Annual General Meeting held in June.  There are no fewer than six Board Meetings per year.

Click here for the Board of Directors Application Form

Linda Whitwell  – Chair
Linda has been with the GCS Board since 2017 and sits on the Finance Committee.  As a local to the community she offers insight and dedication to the committees she supports in the community.

David Broom – Vice Chair
David is no stranger to GCS.  After a year hiatus he is back (as of 2019) to support the mission of GCS.  As a retired Police Officer his knowledge with risk and safety provides great insight.

Joëlle McDonald – Treasurer
Joëlle is a CPA, CA who came on board  in 2016.  Joëlle brings an observant eye, the desire to volunteer and the insight into a younger community.  We are fortunate to have Joëlle as her financial insight is beneficial to all.  Joëlle lives in Binbrook with her husband and children.

Rebecca Thornborrow – Secretary
Rebecca joined the GCS board in 2016 and has now taken on the role of secretary.  Rebecca brings expertise and knowledge in marketing as she was involved with broadcasting.  She is a passionate person who also helps support GCS events and fundraising.

Danielle Cherubin joined the Board in 2021, Danielle brings compassion and support to GCS and community. 

Laverne Gaddye is no stranger to GCS and is back on the Board this year (2022) to support GCS with his passion for the community.  Laverne is also a member with Blackheath Lions Club and is active with local hockey as well.

Larry Grantham re-joins the Board this year (2022).  Larry is a member with the Blackheath Lions club and is a strong advocate for community and GCS.

Kevin Keyte is a familiar face a person to GCS.  Coming back on the Board in 2020, Kevin is extremely familiar with GCS and offers his volunteering to to deliver through our meal Support program as well as being a Board member

Terrie Louie joined GCS in 2020 and has a background in the  financial/investment industry. She has been a member of the BAS since 2019, and volunteers with local animal rescue programs. She has a keen interest in playing a part in our community. 

Cheryl Middleton is new to GCS (as of 2019) and brings a passion to the not for profit world.

Andrew Tam  joined the GCS Board in 2018 and brings an added dimension to the Board itself while providing options regarding legal support.

Wendy Tompkins is a returning Board member after being away for a year.  Wendy brings great energy and support to GCS as well as many community businesses and members.


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