About Us

Legally named Glanbrook Home Support Programme Inc. and since 2016 operating as Glanbrook Community Services.  GCS is a charitable, not-for-profit agency established in 1991 by a group of caring individuals who noticed a need in the rural area of Glanbrook for supportive community services.
GCS focuses on maintaining independence, health and well-being to seniors, the disabled and those who may be considered ‘marginalized’ within the community. We provide quality programs and services to seniors and other individuals so that they may live safely while supporting a healthy lifestyle in their own homes.


With the support of over 100 volunteers, four staff oversee the programs and services offered to the community with the overall fiduciary responsibility of a volunteer Board of Directors.


Funding for GCS depends largely on Municipal, Provincial and Federal grants,  fundraisers held throughout the year and the generosity of donations from individuals and businesses. 


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